It's more than just a monitoring device. Pulsario is a revolutionary remote monitoring system that helps our physicians predict, prevent and treat congestive heart failure and other cardiovascular issues.

Pulsario specializes in early detection, treatment, and prevention along with a full range of state-of-the-art cardiology services designed to:

  • Provide a Personalized Heart Care Plan and Monitoring Alerts
  • Prevent the occurrence and/or progression of cardiovascular diseases
  • Predictive analysis enabling a proactive treatment approach
  • Provides comprehensive cardiovascular care, including nutritional and lifestyle counseling and the appropriate medication titration and/or other interventions to improve your overall health

How are we different than others:

Other systems can monitor but Pulsario is real time, around the clock monitoring that allows our physicians to diagnose and prescribe the proper medications at the appropriate time. The beauty of Pulsario's user-friendly system is that it puts the power of prevention in the palm of your hand!

Integrated Devices

We provide you with these bluetooth enabled clinical grade devices to take your blood pressure, weight and other data throughout the day from the comfort of your own home. Our Pulsario Software uses this data to run algorithms and help our physicians make the right diagnosis at that right time so that we can help you maintain your best heart health at all times. Its painless and simple.

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